My Inspiration Is (MII) is a project whose purpose is to provide a platform that molds our youth into global citizens through education, collaborative work and first hand experiences. Our program is geared towards providing youth with outlets in which they can express themselves during a very critical time in their adolescence.

The United States ranks 32nd in reading proficiency and 17th in math among nations that participated in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment). In addition to that, national dropout rates are above 25%. Our belief is that exposing youth to new environments positively reinforce a desire to excel socially and academically. Pairing academics with real life situations and experiences allow to learn in a non-traditional manner.

Many inner city youth have not seen outside of their own cities, let alone their own country. It’s time to change that and provide them with tools to be prepared of the domestic and global issues we all face. If you are interested in this project please click on the Contact tab above.’

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